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Cynthia Eguzouwa began her professional career after graduating from college and earning her master’s degree. She has been teaching for multiple years at that point. She became interested in career readiness after teaching and holding a director position at a technical school. She realized that there is a need for professional classes to enhance the student’s soft skills. They had the hard skills for the job, but they lacked soft skills. They lacked the confidence to actively seek employment and get past the interview stage. That was when she decided that she will be that missing link in helping our youths and adults prepare for their dream careers. She taught career readiness classes, was an intern coordinator, and went on to become an after-school coordinator. These positions have allowed her to talk to employers and community developers. They all had the same complaint about the workforce. They lacked the career skills to get, maintain, and seek advancements in a job. Houston Career Readiness Academy was born out of the desire to fill that gap and has equipped hundreds of students and job seekers over the years.

Teacher helping student

Soft skills course.

"Grow Your Career with Our Soft Skills Course: Unlocking Your Full Potential!"

Our Soft Skills training course provides self-paced online training for professionals looking to enhance their skills and promote their own job stability and satisfaction. This course is designed to help promote employee engagement and satisfaction for companies. With this course, you can acquire the skills you need to pursue promotions and stability in your career. 

Ask me how you can get this training at no cost to your employees.


Goals & objectives
Our goal and objective is to help students gain skills and knowledge to be better prepared for any career of their choice by promoting, and meeting workforce-related expectations. Each course is meant to emphasize the importance of responsibility and competency.  Our courses teach skills that build confidence for students entering the workforce, reducing incompetency, and increasing confidence to acquire more knowledge. Because we know that knowledge and proficiency are attained through demonstration, practice, and examples, we aim to provide students with knowledge that will make them employable for entry-level positions in any career of their choice.


 To prepare students for entry-level employment, and to provide job seekers with the opportunity to learn interview skill, resume writing, confidence building, and communication skill. To also build sustainable skills to improve and increase productivity.

Graduating Students
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