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5 Apps that can help you Track your Career goals

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The year is starting to go very quickly. Are you weary of making goals but have no idea how to monitor your progress?

Tracking your career goals is an important step in achieving success in your career. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Provides clarity: You can better grasp what you must do to reach your goals when you have defined objectives and are monitoring your progress. This enables you to focus on what is important, organize your activities according to priority, and move closer to your objectives.

2. Helps you stay motivated: Tracking your career goals can help you stay motivated, especially during tough times. When you can see your progress and how far you've come, you'll be more likely to stay the course and keep pushing towards your goals.

3. Allows for course correction: By tracking your goals, you can see where you're falling short and where you're excelling. This helps you make adjustments and course corrections when necessary. For example, if you're not making progress towards a certain goal, you can adjust your approach to get back on track.

4. Helps you celebrate successes: When you achieve a goal, it's important to celebrate your success. By tracking your progress, you can see how far you've

5. Improves your resume and job prospects: When you track your career goals and achieve them, it looks great on your resume and can improve your job prospects. Employers want to see that you have clear goals and are working towards achieving them. It shows that you're dedicated, driven, and committed to your career.

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, there are now various apps available that can help you track your goals easily and effectively. Here are 5 apps that can help you track your career goals:

1. Habitica: If you’re someone who loves gamification, then Habitica is the app for you. This app is designed to turn your daily tasks and goals into a role-playing game. The app rewards you with points and in-game currency for completing tasks and achieving your goals, making it fun and exciting to track your progress.

2. Trello: Trello is a visual organization app that can help you track your goals by breaking them down into smaller tasks. You can create a board for each goal, and then add cards for each task that needs to be completed to achieve that goal. As you complete each task, you can move the card to the "done" column, providing you with a clear view of your progress

3. Strides: Strides is a goal tracking app that allows you to set and track daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. You can set reminders for each goal and track your progress over time. The app also provides you with helpful graphs and charts to visualize your progress, making it easy to see how far you've come.

4. Asana: Asana is a project management app that can be incredibly helpful when you're working on a team or managing multiple projects. You can create tasks, set due dates, and assign them to team members. You can also use the app to track your progress and ensure you're meeting your goals.

5. Streaks: Streaks is a habit tracker app that focuses on helping you build positive habits. The app allows you to track up to 12 habits at once and provides you with a visual representation of your progress. The app also sends you reminders to help you stay on track and maintain your streak.

In conclusion, there are plenty of apps out there that can help you track your career goals. Whether you're looking for a new job or trying to improve your skills, there's an app that can help. So, download a few of these apps and get started on your journey to success!

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